My most beautiful pictures of this beginning of the year

I share with you some of the most beautiful photos I made at the beginning of the year. They were all taken in Alsace. Although it was winter, you will notice the absence of snow. However, to the atmosphere that emerges from some photos, the clarity that emerges reveals the cold of the month of January.

The photo of the little Alsatians in black and white is a nod to the exhibition of Doisneau's photos for "Strasbourg mon amour"

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Discover Karakuri dolls

I recently discovered the existence of mechanized dolls in Japan, some of which were manufactured as early as the 17th century. This is not extraordinary in itself, but look well in the video that follows the two dolls that are presented to you : the first draws several arrow and the second written in kanji. I find it impressive !

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Memories of the Kii Peninsula

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Winter in Alsace and Japan

Retour en France... Cela fait maintenant un mois que j'ai quitté le Japon. Le mois de décembre est passé vite, il y a tant de choses à faire dans cette période de préparation des fêtes de Noël.

L'hiver est officiellement arrivé, mais les températures sont encore assez douces, et surtout il ne neige pas en plaine. C'est un peu dommage, car j'aime profiter pleinement des saisons : j'ai eu un bel automne au Japon, j'aimerais avoir un hiver bien rigoureux avant de retrouver le printemps.

Je constate par contre que l'hiver s'est bien installé au Japon, il a souvent neigé. Voyez comme la forêt japonaise est belle sous la neige grâce à la vidéo de Haruyuki Onoue.

Back in France ... It's been a month since I left Japan. The month of December has passed quickly, there's so much to do in this period of preparation for Christmas.

The winter has officially arrived, but the temperatures are still quite mild, and especially it does not snow in plain. It's a shame, because I like to take full advantage of the seasons : I had a beautiful autumn in Japan, I would like to have a very harsh winter before returning to spring.

I note however that winter has settled in Japan, it has often snowed. See how the Japanese forest is beautiful under the snow thanks to Haruyuki Onoue's video.

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This is the end

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