Tsugaru Strait is no longer snowy

I arrived at the north of my trip and Tohoku : Aomori. In the travel guides, they warn you that in winter you will find meters of snow and freezing cold.


For proof this song very popular in Japan speaks of Aomori and the strait which connects the city to the big island of Hokkaido :

And the reality is that global warming is also hitting northern Japan. Instead of finding snow and cold, I had a beautiful sun and mild temperatures (12 degrees).


This allowed me to walk in this sleepy city, and especially to go see the sea and the Hokkaido horizon. I was able to take beautiful photos.

I also visited the museum of the summer festival of the city of Aomori. On the occasion of this religious holiday, the inhabitants gather in the street and parade large statues made of paper and illuminated. It is beautiful and impressive.


When you cannot attend, you can visit the museum where certain works are presented :

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