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My trip to Japan in november 2018

I am currently preparing my next trip to Japan. This will be my sixth trip, if my memories do not betray me. I can not wait to go back, it's been a year already. In 2017, I also made the choice to go there in November, to admire the redness of maples.

I developed a program for this trip, as usual.

First of all, I'm going back to Tokyo for a few days, there's still so much to discover in this big megalopolis. I prefer to visit the Japanese countryside but it is true that Tokyo remains attractive. It's like Paris, it's good to walk around, discover it for a few days.


I will leave Tokyo to go to the small town of Chichibu in the west. It is a place that is not yet tourist (this will change because the number of advertisements increases strongly even in France).

This will be an opportunity to taste again the Japanese countryside, to admire the colors of autumn. I also chose this destination because there is one of the best distilleries of Japanese whiskey. I may put my hand on a few bottles of whiskey !

The landscapes promise to be beautiful, I hope to make beautiful pictures, even videos.

Then I will move a little further south for two very touristy places: Mount Fuji (Fuji-san) and Hakone (seaside valley).

I hesitated for a long time, because at this time of the year, the number of Japanese, Chinese and Korean tourists will be very important. It will not be a question of wanting to enjoy solitude and calm. That being the case, I said to myself "nothing but once", yes, to see Mount Fuji and Hakone once in real time. These are very famous places and as important as the Eiffel Tower or the Mont Saint-Michel in France. I think the visit is worth a visit, just once !

After a week of traveling, I'll go and pack my bags for a week in Kyoto. Every year I come back to Kyoto, many people say that it is the most beautiful Japanese city: I do not know if it is true but I recognize it willingly that it has a particular charm and that it is unique. Many Japanese cities are similar, but none is like Kyoto.

I'll take a picture if I'm lucky with the red maple trees in the beautiful temples of Kyoto. But I will take the opportunity to go for a walk to Lake Biwa which is 20 minutes by train. It is a huge lake, very famous in Japan. I only went once to visit Hikone Castle. I think there are other places to discover.

Kyoto et ses touristes
Kyoto et ses touristes

And finally to enjoy my third and last week of travel, I will return to an island in Japan that I particularly like : Kyushu !

I will set up my base camp in Fukuoka, and I will travel by train or bus to the north of the island. I will of course make a small stop in Nagasaki, but I also intend to buy beautiful Japanese ceramics. I think then visit the cities of Imari and Arita. There are many other sites that I also want to see. I think the week will be busy. In the end, I will take the shinkansen for Narita Airport in Tokyo.


I invite you to follow me throughout this beautiful journey: on Instagram of course (@storig_konotori) and on this blog.

I plan to post a ticket every day.

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